Unscripted Perfection

Some of the best moments aren't planned and are right in your own backyard, or so they say.  Yesterday was school picture day for the littlest.  She wore a darling white spring dress covered by a denim jacket and wore her hair down.  For the older two, it was just a regular school day.  While out running errands, I found this adorable Easter hat on a whim.  I wasn't looking for one which was the best part, but couldn't pass it up either.  I don't mind matching my girls and buying items in sets of two, but I only bought one hat.  I figured it was bound to fit one of them and we just didn't need the other.  You know, a fifty-fifty chance that at least one of them would like it (and hopefully the one it fit) ...

Fast forward to later that day while was cooking dinner, I noticed the hat sitting on the counter so I glanced outside.  The sun was beginning to set and I eyed a patch of blossoming bushes in our backyard.  I took the little one out and asked her if she would stand in a spot where I pointed and smile.  She did!  That NEVER works.  Then I asked her to make a few funny faces and just snapped in between which is how I caught that adorable candid of her laughing that I never want to forget!

I came back inside within five minutes completely happy with what I had accomplished.  Dare I push my luck and try this with another child?  This is a daunting task.  Most times I will gladly settle for two out of three kids smiling if they're in the same photo.  Generally I'm happy if I can capture one great photo of only one of my kids.  Expecting pictures of all three is pretty much MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

I asked my middle daughter for a favor (this time I told her I'd let her have a second cookie), and she happily obliged.  We were in and out in less than five minutes which was record time.  Normally it's a bunch of me pleading outside just hoping to get one.  O-N-E.

So, I thought I would really push my luck.  I ran upstairs and grabbed a shirt for my oldest and told him that he only had to fasten the first few buttons (he hates any kind of button down shirt with a passion).  Again, we were in and out in about five minutes.  Did that really just happen?  Did I somehow manage without some super great strategy and insane amount of bribery and planning to capture awesome photos of all of my babies?   I knew it.  I knew that I had captured at least one great shot of EACH of them.  Did I already say that NEVER happens?  And if I expect it to happen, it's just a complete recipe for disaster.

Maybe they're getting old enough where we've turned a corner?  It couldn't be.  I'm going to call this a happy accident.  A fluke.  Or maybe my kids just reeeeally love me?  Um, yeah ...

Whatever it was, the stars aligned by happenstance.  Unscripted perfection and beauty in my own backyard.  I am one happy Momma.

Happy Spring!