Arrr! Pirates ...

A group of fellow photographers decided to get together for a pirate themed shootout.   They brought THE MOST ADORABLE props that I have ever seen out to this bluebonnet field for a "sea of blue".   Many thanks to Margaret Lembcke with Sweet Art Photography and Emily Davis Photography for the amazing props.  An additional thank you to all of the other contributors (and awesome photographers) who added their own special touch. 

When I first heard the idea, I thought it was darling.  My gut reaction was that my son (who will turning 8 next week) was too old.  However, I managed to pitch the idea to Noah as a fun night out and we decided to extend the invitation to his cousin.  His cousin Hagen can double as his twin brother even though he's technically a year older.  Hagen was down for an adventure with Noah.  Score!

The boys had a great time.  They had just as much fun behind the scenes running around chasing each other with swords, getting my props temporarily stuck in a tree and tearing apart ant piles.  That's exactly what boys are supposed to do.

For now, I'm just thankful for sweet boys that still love to play and pretend and don't mind humoring their crazy mama and aunt.  One day, they'll look back on these and smile.