2017 Summer ... that's a wrap!

What a great summer!  I'm always excited when school starts.  Not about all the chauffeuring and shuffling and schedules, but YES to routines!  We've become quite lazy this summer.  We stay up late, we sleep in (well, as much as a four year old will allow) and make our own schedules.  For the most part, we've just flown by the seat of our pants.  It was a well deserved break after a long school and sports year; but like all good things, summer must come to an end.  

To recap, let's see.  We swam.  And swam.  And swam.  If you missed my two blog posts with ALL of our swimming adventures, check them out here and also here.   We also took a week long vacation to NC to visit family and that was awesome!

About a week ago, we decided to take a last minute weekend trip with our neighbors and go explore the JW Mariott in San Antonio.  The kids LOVED the waterpark (so did we) and we had tons of fun!

Now it's the last weekend before school starts and we're scrambling to get groceries for lunches, outfits planned, backpacks and school supplies set ... 

Ready or not, school, here we come!

And one last look at our summer .... 

watermelon float.jpg