Location Scouting And Embracing Imperfection

Let's talk about embracing imperfection.  I had an a-ha moment recently while location scouting with some fellow photographer friends.  Everything doesn't have to be technically perfect.  And that's ok!  Not so long ago, I would have placed at least half of the images in this blog post in my trash bin.  I was shooting with a manual focus lens (my lensbaby twist 60) and it's HARD to nail focus of kids on the run.  This is my newest toy and if you've been following my IG account, I've been crushing on the swirly background that it provides in the images.

Getting back to my point about imperfection, when I downloaded my images, initially I was super disappointed.  I missed focus in several of them and was immediately disheartened. Then I had a complete epiphany.  These photos show movement, and LIFE, and evoke emotion.  Are they perfect?  No.  Do they give me all the FEELS?  Absolutely! 

Although I was shooting for fun, I think I'm going to try and incorporate more photos like this in my regular portfolio.  

What do you think?