Behind The Scenes

Remember the last post about embracing imperfection?  For fun, I decided to make a video too!  I love this because it shares insight as to what really goes on in a scene.  It allows you to take it all in and compare what you see versus what the Photographer sees.  It also allows you to compare the moving elements in the video to the Photographer's final vision and still images.  Showing these short clips lets viewers take it all in and it really helps to document how a moment can be captured so candidly.  I also think it's important to show how with the right tools, a Photographer can make even the most mundane location seem magical.

I had a great time location scouting with my friends (Kimberly Milano Photography and Katie Hill Photography) and it was fun to capture these video clips. Take a peek at this short film and from behind the scenes and let me know what you think! 


Embracing Imperfection -- Behind The Scenes