Our Swimming & Underwater Adventures, Part II

It's no secret that I have been a little OBSESSED with water images this summer.  If you missed the first post with our underwater & poolside adventures, check them out here or come follow me on Instagram (there's no shortage of water fun)!

Truth be told, I was planning all along on writing a second blog post with more of our swimming adventures.  Honestly, I didn't think it would happen THIS quickly.  I have been pushing myself creatively with editing some of the underwater images and I am super excited to share them with you.

Before we get to the images, I wanted to talk a little bit about gear.  Lots of people have been asking me recently about my gear, and what I use.  To date, ALL of my underwater photos have been taken with my older version Go Pro Hero 4 Silver.  I love this little powerhouse camera. There's a lot to be said for not using my big dslr; however, until I can get my hands on good waterproof housing, I think this camera does an amazing job.  

And random disclaimer here ... my kids also love to jump in the pool with their regular clothes on.  I'm still not sure if that's a little weird or not, but hey, less laundry ... 

pool party.jpg
rrp_pool party.jpg
Go, Go Gadget Arms!
Source: http://www.rebeccarobinson.photography

Our Swimming & Underwater Adventures, Part I


Summertime is all about FUN, right?  When you think about summer, you think about swimming and friends, ice cream and late nights and looong days in the sun.  I wanted to document some of our own water adventures this summer.  Most of them happen in our own backyard, but when my kids reflect on their own childhood one day, I want them to be see great images to help them relive their fond memories of summer ... 

There is a bonus behind the scenes editing video at the end.  If you've ever been curious about the work that goes in to creating underwater magic, you'll have to take a peek!  P.S. Make sure to watch it in HD ;-)

The summer isn't even halfway over, so hopefully there's lots more adventures to come!